“Steve, After attending your workshop, I was so inspired by your willingness to share your knowledge, and your giving spirit sent my enthusiasm through the roof. You are truly what being photographer is about.”     – Angela Perry –

 Listen to Steve’s appearance on Bill Ramsey’s radio program,

Bill first discusses the 2 (extremely low) barriers to entry for the photographer/faux-tographer today. After his own admission of guilt, he then poses the question to Steve Kozak. Steve shares 9 THINGS THAT EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD LEARN FIRST. After a passionate explanation of the 9, Steve then discusses his CHECKLIST FOR TURNING PRO–his suggestions for what every photographer needs to have in place before they decide to turn pro.

Will you design your career, or will you have a career by default?

If you’re a consistent listener to Intrepid Photography Radio, you’ll notice this conversation lasts longer than most. Why? Steve’s decades of experience working with emerging photographers gives him a message that needs to be heard! Scroll down and you’ll see the 2 lists that Steve provides. If you’re really striving to improve your craft and business, print the lists. Then, as you listen, take notes on the lists.

Hear Steve’s second appearance on “The Photo Tellers” with host, Bill Ramsey.

You have high expectations for your camera. What should your camera expect from you?

Today’s conversation features Steve Kozak discussing the relationship between Camera, Photographer, and the impact of brilliant camera technology (and a sidenote of WHY the manufacturers even include a “Program” mode). For the owner of a nice camera who isn’t getting the results he wants, today’s discussion is for you!

If you’re looking for another accomplished Photographer to beat you up, tell you how little you know about your equipment . . . I’m sorry . . . but this isn’t the Droid you’re looking for. If you’d like a shot of inspiration for what you CAN be doing with your gear–this is it.

And speaking of inspiration: Hear the story of the image below, the terrible circumstances leading up to the shot, and the blessing of the “photography gods” upon this moment. It’s one of Steve’s fondest memories from his career. Landscape photographers will especially appreciate the story.


January 17-18:  Imaging USA in Atlanta GA – “The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro”.   9 AM – 5 PM

April 28 – May 3:  Texas School of Professional Photography,  “The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro” – Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel, Addison Texas


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