Essentials Weekend

aci_logoArlington Camera Presents
“Essentials Weekend”

Steve Kozak, Instructor

When: November 9-10
Time: Sat. 9:30am – 9pm / Sun. 9:30-5:00
Location: Grand Prairie (Near I20 and Hwy. 360)


Arlington Camera invites you to join Steve Kozak on November 9-10, 2019 for four awesome photography classes. These classes will help you get the most out of your camera, flash and Photoshop. This is a weekend that you don’t want to miss.

The cost is only $249 for all four classes! You save $147!

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Listen to Steve’s appearance on “The Photo Tellers” radio program with host, Bill Ramsey.

Quit Using Your Camera on Program!

This is Steve’s all-time most popular class as it has helped thousands of photographers gain the upper hand in operating their camera. Once you learn to master your camera, you can create your vision and develop your own style. That is why Steve begins with teaching the fundamentals – F-stops and Shutter Speeds. Think of it as learning the names of the white keys and the black keys on the piano. Knowing which ones to use is how you are able to play your favorite song – or in this case, take a great photo.

The image at left was created by using F2.8@250.

F2.8 provides a shallow depth of field while the 1/250 speed arrests the movement of her hair blowing in the wind.

But what if you wanted a different look? Suppose you wanted a sharper background and to capture the softness of her hair?

By using F16@1/8, we get exactly what we envisioned. F16 provides
a large depth of field and 1/8 allows us to capture the movement of her hair in the wind.





Gaining control over your camera also allows you to gain control over exposures. When using the camera set to “P”, “T” or “A”, the camera has no way to know the photographer’s intent when it comes to exposure. All it can do is average the overall scene. The problem is, many scenes are simply not “average” – scenes that include a sky or an area with a lot of shade, for example.

In the image at left, the cliffs are actually in shade and the sky is a brilliant blue. But using the “A” setting yielded the image at left.




By moving to manual (M), and selecting an exposure for just the sky area in the image, the result is an image that fulfills the photographer’s interpretation of the scene as he witnessed it.

This class is all about gaining confidence and mastery over your camera. Quit guessing and take control!

Class: “Quit Using Your Camera On Program”
When: Saturday, November 9, 9:30am-1:30pm

Fundamental of Flash Photography

Images taken with a flash set to eTTL are a shot in the dark. Allowing the camera and flash to make exposure decisions will usually wind up costing you a lot more time trying to fix bad images.


In the image at left, the flash on eTTL “read” the couple’s black shirt and interpreted the scene as “dark”. This mistake caused the couple to be hit hard with the flash and the background to go dark.


fl22By controlling your flash and camera in manual mode, you are able to place the perfect amount of light on the subject and get complete control of the background!


Photographers need to have a working understanding of flash photography. If your idea of controlling your flash is to use TTL, then you are simply not in control of your exposure.



Working in an environment with a bright background requires balancing the flash to the background. If you don’t use a flash in this situation, the background will completely blow out or the subject will be too dark.

fl29By manually setting the flash to the exposure of the background, you get a well exposed background and a happy bride!

Flash photography should be subtle but sufficient. It should be controlled enough to barely notice it, but strong enough to provide proper illumination.

During “Fundamentals Of Flash” you will learn how to get your flash exposures perfect every time! You will also learn advanced techniques such as bounce flash, fill flash and dragging the shutter.

Class: “Fundamentals of Flash Photography”
When: Saturday, November 9, 2:30pm-6:00pm

RAW Workflow

RAW“Orange” is NOT an Acceptable Skin Color! I can’t tell you how many websites I have visited or how many times I have seen images posted on Facebook that have such bad color, I wonder how anyone can take the photographer seriously.

Photographers utilize a RAW workflow to drastically cut down their time spent on the computer editing images. Adobe Camera RAW provides a sophisticated tool to correct color shifts and to provide exposure and creative control.

This class will introduce you to using RAW capture and Adobe Camera RAW for processing images to a professional quality. This can be taken by users of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. A free trial version is available for those who do not own Photoshop. Find out what you have been missing!

Class: “RAW Workflow”
When: Saturday, November 9, 7:00pm-9:00pm


“Unleash the Power of Photoshop”



Aren’t they adorable? Some client’s tell me I make children and family portraits look easy. The truth is, I give myself every opportunity to succeed. That is why when I could not get all three of these sweet little angels to cooperate, I made it happen with a little Photoshop magic.


I used a couple of separate images with compatible posing and I got exactly what I needed.


This class takes you through the basics of Photoshop software and the skills that you will need to finish your images like a pro. We will cover the basic tools of Photoshop, and working with layers.



From removing blemishes to blending skin tones, you will learn how to retouch with flawless results. This class will help you harness the power of this amazing software and have you finishing your images like a pro!




Steve will teach you how to use “Photoshop” to:
•Remove blemishes and retouch complexions without looking plastic
•Use layers and layer masks to control the look of an image
•Create images with “select color”
•Add borders and create mats with color, textures and images
•Swap heads and add people to images
•Create dramatic images by replacing boring skies
•Add and remove elements to an image to enhance its visual strength
•Use Actions to speed up production time and how to write your own

Bring your computer loaded with Photoshop CS3 or higher, or Photoshop Elements 10. A free trial is available. Call for details.

When: Sunday, November 10, 9:30am – 5:00pm.

classps“Take the Entire Weekend and Save!

This exciting weekend of classes includes, “Quit Using Your Camera On Program”, “Fundamentals of Flash Photography”, “RAW Workflow” and “Unleash The Power Of Photoshop”. Individual registration for all four classes is $396, but thanks to our friends at Arlington Camera, you can register for the entire weekend for only $249 when you register before August 10.

All classes will be taught in Grand Prairie near I20 and Hwy. 360. Exact location will be provided upon registration. For more details or to register by phone, call 972.601.9070. Space is limited and preregistration is required.

btn_cart_LGPurchase Tickets*: $249 for All 4 Classes!

Steve Kozak Photography


Saturday, August 20
9:30AM …………….Quit Using Program
1PM – 2PM…………Lunch on your own
2PM-6PM………..Fundamentals of Flash 6PM-7PM………….Dinner on your own
7PM – 9PM………..RAW Workflow

Sunday, August 21
9AM – 9:30…………..Computer set up
9:30 – Noon…………Photoshop Class
Noon – 1PM…………..Lunch on your own
1PM – 5:00PM……………Workshop Continues

* This is a ticketed event with limited seating. There are no refunds or exchanges for unused tickets. All sales are final.

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